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K&W Grinding

Management Program

We do more than profile wheels all day long. We build long-term relationships with our customers, many of whom are more than just repeat customers; they’re members of our exclusive Wheel Management Program. Maintaining your wheels on your schedule eliminates production hassles and product defects. Our maintenance program also results in less wasted time and material while allowing for no inventory and better cash flow planning. All of this comes from one friendly, knowledgeable source.

For nearly three decades in business, our customers’ priorities have been our top pursuit. Our guarantee is threefold:

  • We remove as little material as possible in the profiling process. Learn more about Profile Optimization.
  • We guarantee Quick Start and less scrap after re-profiling . Learn more about Quick Start.
  • We return the wheel as quickly as possible.

To keep up with demand, we currently operate two shifts from our 16,000 sq. ft. facility in Bowling Green, Ohio and are equipped with 14 E.D.M. Machines / 5 O.D.Grinders / 6 lathes, & 1 digital balance machine. We’ve been ISO-Certified since 1999, which means 100% customer satisfaction with our processes.

“We are very happy with the service from K&W. We will NOT be going back to our former redressing company.”

Emily Palladino
Purchasing Manager, Guardian Industries Corp

You send us “x” number of worn-out wheels to be serviced.

We discuss with you whether to re-profile them or replace them with new wheels according to diamond wheel size parameters and specifications set by engineering at each glass plant.

If replacement is necessary, the choice of manufacturer is yours. Once you choose, we’ll be sure to stock enough to meet your needs moving forward.

We return the same number of wheels.

We also sharpen drill bits, as needed. We are happy to customize the services required on an individualized basis because we believe that with a maintenance program in place everybody wins!